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Technicweb Ltd was founded in 2003 by Andrew Clack and Charles Forrester; Andrew, an Ex-Estate Agent with over 15 years experience and Charles coming from NetCall PLC; a technology company specialising in web-based telephony systems.

Charles was appointed as Technical Director to design the estate agency software, (Estateweb) which would power all the websites the company created and Andrew had the responsibility for setting up and developing the sales side of the business.

On the day we opened the company we were a team of just five people rattling around in a 2500 sq ft office but as we grew, it became evident we could not each do 6 jobs so gradually we replaced ‘roles’ with staff to look after our clients and get the websites built.

We quickly realised that Estate Agents would not manually upload their properties to their own websites if this was duplicating work so we created a product called ‘Bridge’ which automatically synchronised their own office software with their website. The very first installation being Property PRO for Lawlors*; our first client!

Over the years we have built over 1000 property websites which has exposed us to just about every situation imaginable; from single branch residential to large multi-disciplined agencies – one could say we’ve been through a very long learning curve but the good news is for any client who commissions us today – we have substantial to experience to impart and ready-made solutions for just about anything related to property websites.